Thursday, August 25, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Barbara Mandrell

Artist:Barbara Mandrell f/George Jones
Song:I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool
Album:The Best Of Barbara Mandrell

Here's a song that became a big hit because of the way country music was going at the time. The 1980 film Urban Cowboy was a huge hit and it signaled a changing of the guard to a more pop influenced country music style. Pop music was always an influence on country music. Back in the 60s it was called Countrypolitan. Of course there was some resistance to this change in Nashville and the 1981 number one hit I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool addressed those changes. And it became one of Barbara Mandrell's signature songs. It was funny because Barbara had a very successful TV variety show and was perceived as a pop influenced country singer. Her first number one country hit was Sleeping Single in A Double Bed in 1978 followed by (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Wan't To Be Right. In 1981, Barbara's producer Tom Collins was putting together a live album. I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool was written by Kye Fleming and Dennis Morgan who also wrote Sleeping Single In A Double Bed. Collins wanted Barbara to record the song and release it before someone else did. But Barbara Mandrell Live had already been recorded. And Collins got George Jones to agree to record it with Barbara. So the song was recorded in the studio as usual with an audience added in post production. It didn't matter. The song topped the charts anyway partially because it reflected how some country music fans felt about Urban Cowboy. Also, George Jones appeared on a live version of the song on the CMA Awards (I think). Barbara Mandrell Live has not been released on CD but I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool is on this budget comp. Here's Barbara Mandrell featuring George Jones performing I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool on the 1981 CMA Awards.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Chamillionaire

Artist:Chamillionaire f/Krayzie Bone
Album:The Sound Of Revenge

Though Hakeem "Chamillionaire" Seriki raps in his 2006 chart topper Ridin', he is mainly known for his mixtapes. So he's mainly an MC who sometimes raps. He is known as The Mixtape Messiah. To date Ridin' is his only big hit. He was born Nov. 28, 1979 in Washington, DC but he grew up in Houston. Growing up his best friend was rapper Paul Wall. So though Seriki was raised Muslim and wasn't allowed to listen to secular music, he got into rap through Wall. The stage name Chamillionaire is a mix of chameleon and millionaire. Seriki and Wall formed The Color Changin' Click in 1996. They were known locally in Houston. Seriki released mostly mixtapes until he and Wall had success with the 2002 CD Get Ya Mind Correct. Then Seriki signed with Universal as a solo artist and released the 2005 CD The Sound Of Revenge. The album was certified Platinum mostly on the success of the single Ridin' which topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 2006. It features a rap by Anthony "Krayzie Bone" Henderson from the popular group Bone Thugs n Harmony. The song was written and produced by brothers Oscar and Juan Salinas AKA Play-N-Skillz. They have released their own albums and had a lot of success producing rapper Lil Wayne. Seriki has never had another hit single. But he continues to release new music. His new album Poison will be released next week. He left Universal in 2011 so it will be released on his own label. Seriki is also involved in tech startups and he owns a car dealership and modeling and tour bus companies. So obviously there is more to him than one hit single. Here's the video for Ridin' by Chamillionare featuring Krayzie Bone. The cop/wrestler in the video is played by veteran character actor Tom "Tiny" Lister who played Zeus in the 1989 Hulk Hogan movie No Holds Barred and then briefly worked for the WWF. He's a good actor but he was a terrible wrestler.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Fear

Song:I Love Livin' In The City
Album:The Record

Like many 70s punk bands, Fear was more notorious than popular. They were a big part of establishing the Los Angeles punk scene and notorious for a 1981 appearance on Saturday Night Live. The leader of Fear was Lee Ving (born Lee James Capallero April 10, 1950 in Philadelphia). He started out playing blues in local clubs and then he moved to Los Angeles in 1975. He formed Fear with bassist Derf Scratch (Fred Milner) in 1977. Though they weren't original members, guitarist Philo Cramer and drummer Spit Stix (Tim Leitch) were members for Fear's run from 1978-82. I Love Livin' In The City was Fear's first single in 1977. It's probably their best known song. Director Penelope Spheeris was looking for bands to appear in her documentary The Decline Of Western Civilization. She met Ving and he agreed to appear in the film. They performed a very profane (NSFW) version of I Love Livin' In The City in the film. At the time Spheeris was married to Slash Records president Bob Biggs. He signed Fear to a record deal and The Record was released in 1982. The film got them a lot of attention including from John Belushi. At first he wanted them to appear in his film Neighbors but the film producers nixed that. So instead he got them to appear on a 1981 episode of Saturday Night Live. Their appearance on the show was notorious because of thousands of dollars of damage to the studio caused by slamdancers including Belushi. Ving inflated the amount of damage because he thought the notoriety would help the band. It didn't. Fear continued though obviously they were always going to be a cult band. The record is available on CD. Fear continues to play occasional shows and Ving has had a decent acting career on the side. Here's Fear performing I Love Livin' In The City in the 1981 film The Decline Of Western Civilization.

Monday, August 22, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Babys

Artist:The Babys
Song:Back On My Feet Again
Album:The Best Of The Babys

The Babys were a highly touted band that were ultimately unsuccessful due to personnel problems and the subsequent split. They scored some hits including Back On My Feet Again in 1979 but they underperformed. Lead singer John Waite went on to a successful solo career. The Babys were formed in London, England in 1974 by guitarist Mike Corby and manager Adrian Miller. They held auditions and lead singer John Waite was the first to join followed by drummer Tony Brock and guitarist Wally Stocker. They moved to Los Angeles to record demos. The name The Babys was casting against type. Supposedly record companies wouldn't expect them to be a rock band as opposed to a bubblegum band. They signed with Capitol Records. Their 1977 debut album The Babys was recorded in Toronto with producer Bob Ezrin. The band wasn't happy with it and it didn't do as well as hoped. The second album Broken Heart was produced by Ron Nevison and it did a lot better. Isn't It Time was a top 20 hit. But then Corby left and he was replaced by Jonathan Cain who recorded a 1976 solo album. He seemed to really click with Waite. Bassist Ricky Phillips also joined. The 1979 album Head First was released before they joined and the single Every Time I Think Of You was a top 20 hit. That's probably their best known song. Union Jacks was the first album with the new lineup with new producer Keith Olsen. Back On My Feet Again reached #33 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was the biggest hit from the album. The Babys released a fifth album On The Edge in 1980 but then they split up. The band just wasn't as successful as expected. This budget comp has their hits. Of course Waite had solo success with Missing You and then later he formed Bad English with Cain and Phillips. Cain was a member of Journey in the 80s. Stocker and Brock were in Rod Stewart's band for several years. Those two reformed The Babys in 2013 and that version of the band has recorded and they still tour. I guess they would be a nostalgia act at this point. Here's the video for Back On My Feet Again by The Babys.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Cortney Casey vs Randa Markos

Here's the match video of Cortney Casey vs Randa Markos from last night's UFC show in Las Vegas. Cortney is from Hawaii. She won her last UFC fight over a not very good opponent. I thought Randa would be a better opponent for her. Randa is a very good wrestler. But she is error prone. And boy, does she make a big mistake in this fight. She does one of those dreaded headlock takedowns. He mistake was in not transitioning to side control because continuing the headlock left her back vulnerable. Sure enough, Cortney took advantage of that and Randa never recovered. Cortney won with a round one armbar. That was a rookie mistake and Randa is no rookie. Enjoy the video!

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Raquel Pennington vs Elizabeth Phillips

Here's the match video of Raquel Pennington vs Elizabeth Phillips from last night's UFC show in Las Vegas. Raquel was in TUF 18. She's better than her record. Elizabeth is a teammate of Juilanna Pena but she's nowhere near as good. She has a habit of not doing enough and she ends up losing close decisions. And that's what happened here. I didn't think either fighter was particularly effective. There was a lot of clinching on the fence. But in each round, Raquel seemed to do enough to win the round. So I wasn't surprised when Raquel won by unanimous decision. She didn't dominate the fight but she did marginally enough to win. So I didn't like the fight and Elizabeth needs to show more offense. Enjoy the video!

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Asuka vs Bayley 2

Here's the match video for Asuka vs Bayley from last night's NXT Takeover show in Brooklyn. As usual, I am posting this for Asuka fans who don't get the WWE Network. The way they built this up was that Bayley won the NXT Women's Championship at last year's Brooklyn show. Since losing the title to Asuka in Dallas, Bayley wanted a rematch. They did an injury angle to delay it. They kind of turned Asuka heel but she didn't do much of that in this match. I expected Asuka to retain the belt because Bayley is headed to the main roster. One interesting thing is at HHH's conference call a few days ago, he said Asuka wants to be the top story in Japan over Shinsuke Nakamura. That's a lofty goal but that shows me what she is thinking. Asuka wants to steal the show. Bayley's attempts at showing confidence were weak at best. She said on Twitter that she didn't think Asuka would be prepared for the match. Boy, was she wrong. Bayley did her usual entrance. As usual, Asuka changed things up including a white sheet that she dragged behind her. It was on a roll. She had more of a strut than usual. And of course she was smiling while Bayley looked serious. The match was back and forth. It's just that Asuka comes across as more dangerous than Bayley. Bayley hits her and Asuka just smiles at her. That's very disconcerting. In general, I thought Bayley performed better than she did in Dallas. The end came when Asuka kicked out of Bayley's suplex finisher. At ringside, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch were shocked. After trying the Asuka Lock twice, Asuka hit three kicks to the head and it was all over. Though some of the leadup to this match had Asuka turn heel, I didn't think she showed much heel behaviour during the match. She just delivered the goods with a tremendous performance. Enjoy the video!
Bayley vs. Asuka - 20.08.2016 by mr-jester

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Gregg Allman

Artist:Gregg Allman
Song:I'm No Angel
Album:One More Silver Dollar: The Solo Years 1973-1997

Of course Gregg Allman is best known as lead singer and keyboard player of The Allman Brothers Band. But he also had success as a solo artist including the 1987 hit I'm No Angel. He usually records solo when The Allman Brothers Band is on a break. He was born Dec. 8, 1947 in Nashville. With his guitarist brother Duane, Gregg had several bands until they hit it big in the late 60s with The Allman Brothers Band. After Duane died in a 1971 motorcycle accident, the band continued. They had great success with the Dickie Betts song Ramblin' Man. At the same time, Gregg released his 1973 solo debut album Laid Back and he had success with Midnite Rider, a song The Allman Brothers Band had recorded a few years earlier. He toured solo to support the album. But things started to fall apart during the recording of the 1975 Allman Brothers album Win, Lose or Draw. Gregg married Cher and spent more time with her. He split with the band and the rest of the band formed Sea Level. Allman formed The Gregg Allman Band and he released the 1977 album Playin' Up A Storm. And he released the album with Cher Two The Hard Way. They tried to tour to support it but they were not well received and the tour was cancelled. The Allman Brothers Band reunited and recorded two albums for Arista. It didn't go well and they split up in 1982. Allman and Cher divorced in 1979. So he took a break and drank heavily. He thought his career was over. In 1986, he reformed The Gregg Allman Band and signed with Epic. I'm No Angel was released in 1987 and the band went on tour. The album was certified Gold and the single I'm No Angel got some airplay. The song was written by British session musicians Tony Colton and Phil Palmer. The guitar solo is by Dan Toler who had worked with Betts in the 70s. Allman continued to record though he was still having drinking problems. He also reunited The Allman Brothers Band for a 20th anniversary tour in 1989. And the band signed with Epic. The band was successful enough that Allman wouldn't record solo until 1997. Midnite Rider and I'm No Angel are on different labels. But they are both on this comp from the British reissue label Raven Records. Due to Allman Brothers reunions and health problems, Allman wouldn't record again until 2011. He has recorded a new album produced by Don Was scheduled for a 2017 release and I expect he will tour to support it. Here's the video for I'm No Angel by Gregg Allman.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Outsiders

Artist:The Outsiders
Song:Time Won't Let Me
Album:Nuggets From Nuggets

The Outsiders scored a top five hit with Time Won't Let Me in 1966. A couple of their other songs charted so they aren't quite a one hit wonder. But this is their only memorable song. The Outsiders were from Cleveland. They started out in 1958 as The Starfires. They did release some unsuccessful singles and the band name was changed to The Outsiders in 1965. The members were Sonny Geraci on lead vocals, Bill Bruno on lead guitar, Tom King on rhythm guitar and sax, Mert Madsen on bass and Rick Biagiola on drums. Geraci, King and Madsen were in the Starfires. King wrote Time Won't Let Me and it was released as a single locally. It did well enough that Capitol signed The Starfires but insisted on the name change to The Outsiders. Time Won't Let Me reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in early 1966. Other singles didn't do as well though Respectable was a top 20 hit in 1966. There were also a lot of personnel changes and by 1967, Geraci and King were the only original members. The Outsiders released three albums on Capitol. They recorded a fourth album but the release was cancelled. You can get Time Won't Let Me on this Nuggets comp. By 1970, Geraci and King split up and were both leading versions of The Outsiders. Both guys did that for years. King died in 2011. It looks like Geraci now lives in a nursing home. Here's The Outsiders performing Time Won't Let Me 1966.

Friday, August 19, 2016

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Mint Condition

Artist:Mint Condition
Song:U Send Me Swingin'
Album:20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Mint Condition

Mint Condition came out of the R&B hotbed of Minneapolis to have success mostly on the R&B charts in the early 90s. Unlike many groups from this era, Mint Condition were not a vocal group but a band. They wrote and produced their own songs. Mint Condition started out in the early 80s with lead singer and drummer Stokely Williams, guitarist Homer O'Dell and keyboard player Larry Waddell. There were three other members but in 1985 they were replaced by keyboard player Keri Lewis, sax player Jeffrey Allen and bassist Ricky Kinchen. And that's the band lineup that had success in the 90s. All of them came from musical backgrounds and they started out as jazz musicians. Mint Condition signed with Perspective Records in 1989. This label was owned by uber producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis with A&M Records distribution. Jam & Lewis steered Mint Condition in a New Jack Swing direction because that's what was popular at the time. Mint Condition could have played any kind of music. Their debut album Meant To Be Mint was released in 1991. The Time drummer Jellybean Johnson was brought in to produce. All the songs on the album were written by Mint Condition. They scored their biggest hit when Breakin' My Heart reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. U Send Me Swingin' is from their second album From The Mint Factory. That was their biggest R&B hit. It reached #2 on the R&B Singles chart. Mint Condition continued to have success on the R&B charts. They recorded three albums for Perspective. This budget comp covers those years. After Perspective closed, Mint Condition released the album Life's Aquarium on Elektra in 1999. Then Mint Condition went on hiatus. Lewis left to concentrate on producing Toni Braxton who was his wife at the time. They returned with the 2005 album Livin' The Luxury Brown. They're still around. Mint Condition released a Christmas album last year and they are currently on tour. Here's the video for U Send Me Swingin' by Mint Condition. This video is on Youtube but not in good quality.
U Send Me Swingin by ice1906